Amom is a customizable daily assistant for people with memory problems

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A while ago, my mother had a brain surgery, and since then she has short-medium term amnesia, leading to time and spatial disorientation.

Because of this condition she has to constantly be reminded to drink water, seat for a while, and so on. This repetition is very important to create habits in the long term.

Thus, I’ve decided to build AMOM, and buy a tablet to leave it in the room where she spends most of the time.

And it is working for 10 months already. So I want to share with whom this may help.

Feel free to drop an email to: [email protected]

Mobile app

More and more people, especially older ones, are facing not only loneliness and social isolation, but also memory problems (e.g. Alzheimer, Dementia). Although we (the relatives) would like to be with our beloved ones more often, our busy life doesn’t allow to.

In order to tackle this, AMOM creates a close relation with our beloved ones, to guide them throughout the day using:

  • Routine Tasks – repetitive (e.g. drink water, do exercise)
    • A list of sounds recorded by you will be randomly played.
  • Tasks – occasional (e.g. have a tea with Anne at 5pm)

Additional tips

  • Install Google Text-to-Speech to get access to more voices.
  • Install following apps:
    • Skype - make calls
    • Firefox Focus - simple browser without ads
    • YouTube

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